The first conference was held in 1999. Since then, the Conference has changed its status, significantly expanded the topics of scientific directions, as well as the geography and number of participants.

Today, the conference has the status of an international event and is held annually at the A.M. Makarov National Center for Aerospace Education of Youth with the support of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and M.K. Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Bureau.

The conference has program and organizing committees, and a list of coordinators in various scientific and practical areas from among leading scientists and specialists in the design and manufacture of rocket and space technology, as well as in related fields of science and technology.

Based on the conference materials, collections of abstracts are published, the best reports are awarded with conference diplomas and published free of charge in the professional publications "DNU Bulletin. Rocket and Space Engineering Series" and "Ecology and Noosphere".

Within 3 days, the participants and guests of the Conference present and discuss scientific reports, their achievements, exchange experience, establish strong scientific and industrial contacts, and gain invaluable experience in speaking at conferences at plenary and sectional meetings, round tables.

Over 6000 students, postgraduates and young professionals from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China and the European Union have participated in the conferences: 672 papers have been recommended for publication and 402 have been published.

The main goals of the conference «Human and Space»

The conference is a forum for young scientists and specialists who linked their future work with space science and rocket science.

International youth scientific and practical conference «Human and Space»
Attracting youth, postgraduents and students

Выявление, объединения и поддержки одаренной молодежи, развития у студентов, аспирантов и молодых ученых интереса к исследовательской деятельности в области космонавтики, космического образования.

International youth scientific and practical conference «Human and Space»

Implementation of results fo scientific research

Содействия дальнейшему внедрению результатов научных исследований молодежи в конструкторские и технологические разработки, и развитию системы подготовки специалистов в аэрокосмической отрасли.

International youth scientific and practical conference «Human and Space»

Increasing the pressure of the rocket and space industry

Эффективной реализации государственной политики в области ракетно-космического производства в условиях рыночных преобразований, использования национальной космической инфраструктуры.

Conference organizers and partners

The conferebce is held at the А.M. Makarov National aerospace educational center of youth